You should consider it a great honour to have been selected to study at the College; it brings increased responsibility upon you and marks the next step in your military career. You will need to fully commit to all aspects of the course and participate fully in order to gain the maximum benefits that are on offer to you.

We, the staff of the College, strive to offer you every opportunity to further develop yourselves as Military Officers and leaders to achieve your highest ambitions. We will encourage the development of thoughts, opinions and experiences of military performance to the benefit of you as individuals, the College and the Armed Forces as a whole.

The process of study in the College relies on the application of two important principles. Firstly, the implementation of the highest standards by the individual, in everything that they do, whilst they are on the course. Secondly, the commitment to physical and mental application that is required to understand all the information provided so that it can be effectively developed and applied in the future.

We have issued this information as a guide to students hoping to be, or selected for, study at the College. It indicates the duties, rights and responsibilities required of them as well as the relationship between the College and the students. Accepting this information will ensure a well-functioning relationship and hopefully a positive outcome to your time at the College.

I am happy to welcome you to the College "family", I wish you good luck for the course and further success in your chosen career.

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