1) The aim of the admission system is to determine the basis under which Officers of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces are selected to attend MAJCSC. It also provides potential students with a chance to view the facilities and to meet some of the personnel who could be involved with their training.

2) This system is considered a reference for the Armed Forces, Independent Directorates and Formations to identify the sequence of procedures for the nomination of individuals, the entry requirements and final nominations of the officers who are offered a place at the College.

3) The staff of the MAJCSC identify the capacity (number of students) per year, that can be accepted on the Command and Staff Course. The MAJCSC training capacity is currently 104 students per course.


Admission requirements for nominees:

1) The candidate should not be above the age of 40.
2) The candidate should hold the minimum rank of Major and be no higher than Colonel.
3) The candidates must hold an advanced course certificate or equivalent with a grade of at least "Good".
4) The average grade of annual reports for candidates for the last three years must be "Very Good".
5) The candidate must have passed the health and fitness tests set by specific Medical Services.


Interviews will be held for students wishing to be accepted on to the course at MAJCSC. These interviews, conducted by a panel, will assist in nominating the best candidates to be trained based on criteria which also covers the educational requirements and use of the English language.


1) Assistant Director of the College


2) British Director of Studies


3) Head of Branch Exercises and Programs


4) The Senior DS


5) DS of the Land Force


6) DS of the Air Force


7) DS of the Naval Force



Potential students are required to have passed the English Language Tests in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of the College. The verbal test, as part of the interview, will be carried out at the College; the written test will be completed at the Military School of Languages.


During interview at the College candidates will be assessed on the following criteria:

1) Personal qualities of the Officer's leadership in general.
2) Their level of education and military knowledge.
3) Their level of general knowledge.
4) Their desire to attend the College.
5) There may be questions on situations in which we can measure personal standards and the suitability of candidates for selection for the course.


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