Implementation of the development plan for the Kuwaiti Armed Forces combat capabilities has seen the establishment of the faculty of Mubarak Al-Abdullah, for further developing the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said to be the highest military academics. It shall train and prepare those Officers selected to fill the senior leadership positions and functions of the Armed Forces.


The vision of MAJCSC is to have a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of high-class and significant education, training, research and advice that is continually improving to meet the developing requirements of Joint Forces.


The intent of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the education and training of Officers to prepare them to fill Command and Staff positions within the Armed Forces. To develop students to meet the challenges of the future, in order to progress and support the defence, safekeeping and wellbeing of the State of Kuwait and its allies.


The logo comprises of a book, a pen and a sword surrounded by an olive branch surmounted by an Amiri crown. The book and pen represent knowledge, the sword power and the olive branch a symbol of peace, security and stability. The Amiri crown is an indication of the wisdom of love for the homeland and loyalty to him.


A) The acquisition of knowledge and military capacity to implement the functions and working methods of the General Staff in peacetime and war
B) Knowledge and the application of military doctrine and combat planning methods used by the joint forces in all types of military operations
C) Leadership ability
D) The ability to deal with several complex issues concurrently
E) Ability to work in cooperation with the coalition forces and the common understanding of the organization and management of joint operations in a multinational environment


A) Emiri Decree No. 272 of 1996 was issued authorising the establishment of the Command and Staff College, in the reign of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah mercy of God, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the Crown Prince Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah God's mercy, the Prime Minister and Defence Minister Sheikh Salem God's mercy morning.

B) Administrative Order No. 78 of the Presidency of the General Staff of the Army on 22 August 1995 was published to keep pace with the development of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces; the project was to establish the Joint Command and Staff College. This was done during the tenure of Sheikh / Ahmed Al-Sabah as Minister of Defence and identified the former building of the School of Languages to be the seat of the College where he was to hold the first session of the 2 March 1996.

C) A Kuwaiti officer, not below the rank of Colonel, would be responsible for all matters related to the College however British personnel assisted in the project management of the project and with the teaching during the establishment and transitional phases.

D) Regulation No 5/97 dated 18 August 1997 allowed for the modification of the name of the College to Mubarak Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Command and Staff College with the acronym MAJCSC. The College was named in memory of the former Chief of General Staff of the Army, God bless his soul.


To produce Commanders and Staff Officers who are:

(1) Thinking, questioning, analytical, flexible, articulate, motivated, self-critical and keen to improve themselves.
(2) Knowledgeable about Joint and single-Service operations and procedures at the tactical level.
(3) Capable, where required, of independent action and leadership.
(4) Capable of dealing with complex and concurrent issues.
(5) Capable of working within the wider coalition by having a common understanding of military values and the approach to warfare, expressed both in English and Arabic.

The Graduation Certificate

The Graduates are awarded a Master's Degree in Military Science


How could I contact students at the college?
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Whom Should I contact to use the College facilities?
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